OftheJackel is the company name for the artistic works of Jack Kelly.


Theatre Maker

I make theatre and short films that are funny and touching and sometimes a bit unsettling. Incorporating my various skills as a clown, musician and illustrator into my practice gives my work a strong physical and visual element. I hope to make work that contacts the audience. Performance that is not limited by linguistic or cultural barriers and that is both comic and poignant.

Since 2009 I have created 6 shows and numerous collaborations.
Including the Artisan -“Told with wonderful animation from beginning to end **** Three Weeks

My work has been described as

“Darkly Surreal with a witty edge” **** Three Weeks
“Madcap Brilliance, Sheer Comedic Joy, Unquestionably one of the best shows you’ll see all year” ***** Broadway baby.
“Told with wonderful animation from beginning to end” **** Three Weeks
“Entertainingly Seedy and Demonic” Steve Bennett Chortle

Ken Do

For almost a decade I have performed on the London comedy circuit as various characters including Cleverest Man Alive Ichabod Cranium - “a runaway from a Vic and Bob Sketch.” Steve Bennett Chortle and motivational guru Ken Do.
I have developed a sitcom featuring Ken and Ichabod with Lucky Giant at NBC Universal and subsequently two Edinburgh shows.

2016 sees the debut of 'Ken Do’s Success For Losers’ (A motivational Seminar delivered by an idiot) alongside my collaboration with Flabbergast Theatre. The Beautiful Disgusting Bouffon Duo ‘Skrimshanks’ Both appearing at Edinburgh Festival 2016.


I trained at Ecole Jacques Lecoq Paris. A significant proportion of the work I do is in devised, physical, immersive and children’s theatre. Consequently I am at home with physical comedy, improvisation and interacting with an audience. I am equally comfortable with texts both modern and classical and playing more conventional dramatic roles. I play Guitar, Ukulele and Sing. I use these skills regularly in my work.

I am an experienced Puppeteer, in styles ranging from Bunraku to Object Manipulation. I have performed up and down the UK, in London at The Little Angel Theatre, in Edinburgh, at Sortie De Bain Festival in France and Rototom in Spain.

I have worked as a Clown all over the world. Working with Arts Charity Flying Seagull Project I have performed shows in Mental institutions in Eastern Europe, Slums in South East Asia and Island Communities in West Africa. I have performed on the Streets of London, Edinburgh and Paris and at Festivals including Wilderness, Secret Garden Party and Camp Bestival. I premiered two shows at the inaugural London Clown Festival 2016

My compering skills range from whipping up a crowd at down and dirty cabarets to more sober, sophistication at high end galas and functions. I have performed for Members of the Royal Family and at The Barbican, The BFI, BAFTA and Glastonbury Festival.


Alongside my work as a performer I also work with other artists and those in training as a Director and Facilitator.

As a director I work with both professionals and students. Reviews of my work have said;

“The Acting was fantastic throughout and the script left just enough unsaid to keep you guessing”
Roger Cox, The Scotsman

I have delivered workshops to children and adults on Italian Island Lampedusa, for The Garden Classroom and Flying Seagull Project amongst others. Often working without a common language between myself and the participants I have given workshops in clowning, circus skills, arts and crafts and tumbling. I have also given workshops in audition technique and classical texts to actors in training.

I am experienced in working with professionals, young adults in training, children and young people from pre school to Sixth Form and have several years experience working with those who have Emotional, Behavioural and Learning Difficulties.

I offer workshops in Bouffon, Physical Story Telling, Mask, Object Manipulation, Chorus and Ensemble. I can also adapt and develop workshops to suit your requirements. Please get in touch via the contact page if you would like to know more.